Flashback Friday 4

A quick climb between showers. 1st November 2009. Gower

Back in 2009 I was living in Swansea, and worked on The Gower Peninsula. I used to go for quick climbs afterwork, evenings, and on days off. I must have done this climb a 100 times. It has one 4c pitch and I’d done the moves so often I could probably do it with eyes closed with muscle memory. I did the same climb this year with Lena – and I’d lost the muscle memory (obviously, I guess), although I remembered the hidden hold. This is what I wrote on my blog for this day –

“Lucky enough to live by the Gower coast I can dash off for tidal climbs even on a day with a poor forecast. This afternoon the rock had just about dried out from the rain earlier today, but with a stormy sea and heavy rain visibly getting closer in the Bristol Channel – I didn’t have long. The wind’s strength increased into the evening, so an arete was perhaps not the climb to choose. It made for more excitement than normal on this climb. For Gower locals, the photo should be enough to identify the climb, especially, if I say it was taken at the end of the first pitch..”

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Sea cliff climbing in South Wales – The Gower Peninsula

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