Flashback Friday 5

15th November 2009. Trying out my new WW kayak paddle

Back in 2009 I was freelancing in South Wales, and I spent my free time doing whatever activity the weather allowed. I had just bought a new paddle and a new WW kayak – so I was keen to start using them. This is what I wrote on my blog for that day –

“Today was a day for kayaking. Taking my new pride and joy – my new paddle, I joined up with Paul Lillygreen and Mo Morrison for a quick couple of hours on the river Usk. We met up and planned to do the Usk from Sennybridge to Aberbran. My first time kayaking white water for ages – I managed to stay in my boat lol. A good start to the white water winter season… Before the climbing starts…”

In January of 2010, I moved up to Scotland.

Sennybridge to Aberbran - Kayaking

Sennybridge to Aberbran – Me Kayaking – you can see my new paddle at least

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