Flashback Friday 14

December 2001(about)? Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis with Ed & Matt

Ed Abbley, Matt Leggett and I had a great 3 days of climbing at the beginning of winter back in December 2001. We stayed in the Glen Nevis SYHA Hostel. We left every morning in the dark, hours before dawn. Our first day was to climb Tower Ridge. From memory this was my first time up Tower Ridge (winter or summer). It went really well, although I don’t really remember much about it now. We probably topped out in the dark, we then ran down and planned day 2 for Observatory Ridge. I still think about these days – we knew nothing, but thought we know it all! I’ve since learnt how little I knew or know!

About 2001. Ed and Matt on the Eastern Traverse – Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis.

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