Summer & Winter

The highlands in Scotland offer spectacular opportunities for mountaineering, scrambling and climbing in both Summer (Spring, Summer and Autumn) and Winter seasons. These days & courses are designed to make all of these open to you.

Decide what you want to do, then email Max, to make it happen –

Summer - Scrambling & Mountaineering Days that will take you on rough scrambling terrain in the mountains. Guided or under Instruction. FULL COURSE DETAILS Summer - Introduction to Rock Climbing A professional and safe introduction to traditional rock climbing. Guided or under Instruction. FULL COURSE DETAILS Summer - Rock Climbing Classics This is a terrific opportunity to climb some of the classic climbs of the West Coast of Scotland. FULL COURSE DETAILS Winter - Mountaineering These winter days will take a winter walker safely onto more technical terrain, within the broad winter grades of I & II. FULL COURSE DETAILS Winter - Introduction to Winter Climbing Days that will take a winter mountaineer into winter climbing, climbing grades I to III. FULL COURSE DETAILS Winter - Climbing These days can take winter climbers onto more demanding winter climbs. Climbs typically of grades III to V. FULL COURSE DETAILS AMI Mentoring Scheme for the MCI & WMCI Mentoring, Instruction, Coaching and Observation opportunities for MCI & WMCI trainees in the Highlands of Scotland. FULL COURSE DETAILS