AMI Mentoring Scheme for the MIA & MIC

Mentoring, Instruction, Coaching and Observation opportunities for MIA & MIC trainees in the Highlands of Scotland.

Key Information

Blind Observation. FREE

Fully briefed and de-briefed Observation. £20  (FREE for Mentees)

Instruction/Coaching. £60 1:3

Instruction/Coaching. £90 1:2

Instruction/Coaching. £180 1:1

Mentee Instructing. Observation+Coaching. £180


1:3 or 1:2 or 1:1


MIA trainee – MIA Mentoring

MIC trainee – MIC Mentoring


Ask for available dates for Observation.

Ask for available dates for Instruction,Coaching.

Ask for available places for Mentoring.

Max is one of the AMI mentors for the MIA & MIC schemes

The Association of Mountaineering Instructors is trialling a new mentorship programme for MIA trainees, who are in the consolidation phase between their training and assessment – in other words they are prepping for their assessment. This new programme is in response to the current failure rate (fail+deferal rates combined) of 60% in the MIA assessments – the recent pass rate has been about 40%. There are now 9 AMI MIA mentors, across the U.K. These are available to become a mentor to the trainees – to help the trainee achieve a strong pass on their MIA assessment.

AMI MIA Mentoring Policy

Mentoring is a long-term relationship built on trust and respect between two individuals based on a mutual desire for development towards goals and objectives. At the core of the activity is the relationship between the mentor and the mentee, where the development of the mentee is the key focus. The relationship is in addition to other forms of assistance, such as training courses, workshops and coaching.

Role of the Mentor

The role is not simply to ‘tell’ the mentee what to do. The role is to :

  1. Listen and be supportive,
  2. Provide non-judgemental support,
  3. Provide guidance on issues raised,
  4. Clarify goals of mentee
  5. Pass on knowledge and experience.

“Mentors should act as a sounding board and guide for their mentees, but should also push their mentees to find their own answers” – from AMI documentation.

Opportunities from Max for MIA trainees
  1. ‘Blind’ Observation,
  2. Fully briefed and de-briefed Observation,
  3. Instruction / Coaching,
  4. Observation of the Mentee instructing – with associated coaching
  5. Working with Max or close to Max with HM clients.
  6. Mentoring Scheme.
1. Blind Observation.

An opportunity for an MIAt to observe Max at work. This would come with working parameters (i.e. observation, not engagement), and there would be limited time for discussion of the work day, before the day itself (except for the drive to the venue for example). There would be limited time to discuss the day, after the event (except for the drive home).

2. Fully briefed and de-briefed Observation. £20, but free for Mentees.

An opportunity for an MIAt to observe Max at work. This would come with the same normal working parameters, but the observation would be in context. There would be a briefing to the day (for example, the night before) to include topics such as guiding strategies, techniques, tactics, decision making process, instruction topics and process, desired outcomes, lesson plans and Q+A. There would be a de-brief (for example, that evening, or next), which could also include a discussion of observations and Q+A.

3. Instruction / Coaching. 1:3 £60, 1:2 £90, 1:1 £180.

A day of instruction or coaching on any topic – requested by the MIAt(s).

4. Observation of the Mentee instructing. £180

This is an opportunity for the MIAt to have coaching input around a day of the MIAt delivering a day of instruction (to mock clients, or real clients). There could be a discussion of the day before the event (discussion of tactics, techniques, decision making, lesson plans, progression, differentiation, venue choice etc), as well as a discussion after the event, including Q+A’s.

5. Working with Max or close to Max with Hunter Mountaineering clients. MIAt is paid £130.

This is a possible opportunity for a day of work alongside Max. This would be a distance down the line of progression towards a successful MIA assessment, as well as a good working relationship with Max. This is clearly to keep the clients safe, deliver what they are expecting, and to maintain a professional working relationship.

6. Mentoring Scheme. Associated costs as outlines above.

This is an opportunity to be mentored by Max, with reference to the AMI MIA Mentoring Policy outlined above. This would be a long term relationship, with associated meet-ups, chats, climbs, discussions, etc, as well as points 2. 3. 4. 5. outlined above.

How to make Payment

  • Payment options : OPTION 1: Bank Transfer – just ask for my Bank Details if this is your preference. OPTION 2: Use the Payment tool below : Process all payments, including debit and credit cards, through PayPal. The PayPal 4% payment processing fee has been added.

Instruction/Coaching/Observation Options
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