Summer - Introduction to Rock Climbing

A professional and safe introduction to traditional rock climbing. Guided or under Instruction.

Key Information

1 person = £190

2 people = £210

3 people = £230

4 people = £250


Normal maximum ratio of Instructor to Clients, 1 : 2

However, it is possible to raise the ratio to 1 : 4, if suitable climbing activities are chosen.

Email Max to find out more –

  • Each day will probably require carrying a rucksac, with climbing equipment.
  • Suitable fitness, and a head for heights.

What day (or days) would you like? Choose dates and check our availability. Email Max –


These are days that will be a professional, safe and fun introduction to the sport of traditional outdoor rock climbing, using the varied venues available in the Highlands of Scotland. You can decide if you want to be Guided or be taught (Instruction) the essentials of rock climbing techniques.

Choose Guided – The advantage of being guided is that you can focus on where you are and what you’re doing (you decide if you want to look down, or not). This is perfect for people who want to develop their confidence on the climb, and get more climbing mileage in.

Choose Instruction – This enables you to be carefully taught the skills involved (see the Topics listed below), to enable you to increase your competence, safety and confidence – helping you become more independent with future climbs.

Topics covered can include:

  • Use of guide books
  • Selection of appropriate equipment, and correct fitting of the helmet and harness
  • Instruction and coaching on basic rock movement skills
  • Coiling and uncoiling a rope
  • Tying of appropriate knots, for example re-threaded figure of 8 and the clove hitch
  • Safe, effective and appropriate belaying. Top roping and bottom roping
  • Abseiling, and methods of safeguarding the abseil
  • What is involved in becoming a competent second (a second follows the leader)

Booking Process

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Climbing some steep ground


Rock climbing fun


Rock climbing in the sun, in Glencoe


Learning to abseil


Rock climbing in the Highlands


Rock climbing in Glen Nevis


Rock climbing on the West Coast

Local Venues, eg Glen Nevis

Starting with something a little less steep

Climbing and Abseiling

Catrin performing a ‘personal abseil’


Belaying a climber to the top