Private Guiding – Bespoke Courses

This is your opportunity to describe exactly what you want to do, when, where and with who. Do you want to have mountain guiding, instruction or coaching? Examples of possible opportunities –

  • Learn to lead climb
  • Be guided on a climb or scramble
  • Learn to navigate in summer or winter
  • Learn avalanche awareness and avoidance
  • Go somewhere new and exciting

Decide what you want to do, then email Max, to make it happen –

Example Venues

Ben Nevis, Lochaber, Glencoe, Cairngorms, North West Highlands, Skye

Prices per day

Number of people Cost for Summer Cost for Winter
1 £190 £200
2 £210 £220
3 £230 £240
4 £250 £260
5 £270 £280
6 £290 £300
7 £310 £320
8 £330 £340

Examples of Ratios

  • Hill Walking, up to 1:8
  • Entry level Scrambling and Mountaineering, up to 1:4
  • Scrambling and Mountaineering 1:2
  • Rock Climbing 1:2
  • Winter Climbing 1:2

Booking Process

  • What day (or days) would you like? Email Max to check availability –
  • Read our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Notice.
  • Fill in a Booking Form & Return. This can be filled in, if it is opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader  NOTE – The Adobe Acrobat Reader App needs to be downloaded onto your Device first.
  • Pay here, using the Summer, or the Winter Payment Tool below –                                         Debit Card,   Credit Card  or  PayPal (alternatively pay by Bank Transfer or Cheque).

Pay Here for SUMMER

SUMMER – Number of people
Date being booked for group

Pay Here for WINTER

WINTER – Number of people
Date being booked for group

Clouds lifting?

Aonach Eagach in Glencoe

Climbers spotted on Centurion

Climbing on Ben Nevis

Selfie - Phoebe and David

Scrambling in Glencoe


A photo with me in it for a change

Winter Mountaineering in Glencoe

Roisin - slightly iced up

Winter Climbing in Glencoe


Challenging Rock Climbing


Curved Ridge in Glencoe


Crowberry Tower


An Introduction to Scrambling


The CMD ridge leading to Ben Nevis


High on Curved Ridge


Road side rock climbing


Esoteric ice climbing on Ben Nevis


Winter Mountaineering


Summer Mountaineering

Introduction to Winter Climbing in Glencoe

Introduction to Winter Climbing in Glencoe